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Independent escorts in Bangalore


We Independent escorts in Bangalore prefer the generous clients and those who would not bargain with an escort in Bangalore and there are places where a bargain is a Necessity

We May Bargain in a fish Market but not with a Doctor who charges for his Professional services.

We May Bargain Salary with an employer or an employee not with a Escort who is a professional service provider who charges for her professional services.

Why do an Independent Escorts in Bangalore Charges high and we simply have to reply we are working in a profession where our value gets depreciated by the years and we get no value with our experience and escorting is the only profession where fresher’s get more than an experienced Independent Escort in Bangalore.

 We Independent Escort in Bangalore had pursued the profession of escorting for quick money and we do provide value for the money spent and are freelancing women into this escorting world seeking not pleasure from men but a quick money.

 The need for money for an Independent Escorts in Bangalore may vary from person to person and mostly it is family pressures that force a woman to pursue a job of an Independent Escorts in Bangalore.

 In our experience as Independent Escorts in Bangalore we have met enough clients to understand the physiology of Mongers and are clear with a gentle man who has nothing will always be better than someone who has everything and a person who posses all wealth and health will necessary not be a good client and he will seek and bargain with an escort more to add up his wealth and person who posses nothing will get gratified with what he gets and pays good as well.

We live with men and we happened to live with many men and our men are mostly married and when we do question our men if they may appreciate or allow his wife sleeping with an another men we get a reply that was fuming with anger and indignation.

 We Independent Escorts in Bangalore are never in the debatable cubicle of the indifferences of gender and we still are searching for the Robin Hood who may justify our profession as escorts.

 The world is changing and we do hear of women paying men and a new word had been added to the dictionary as a gigolo who may serve a women and gets paid and no where it is stated in the law a gigolo or the women who is the payer is unlawful.

 And we Independent escorts on our own will and conscience are pleasing angels serving the men in need.

 We may never find solace with the existing political scenario and we do wish if the kind hearted humanitarian who is slaughtering and trying to liquidate the escorting business gives us a thought of living in pride for a day and we never wanted this filth money again in our life.

 We Independent escorts in Bangalore had pursued the job of escorting on various reasons and are sustaining ourselves as escorts to live a dignified life.

 The whole perception of seeking a hired sex worker is to get aroused and to get excited and the feel of stimulation with a woman is so addictive that a man is sooner a womanizer and a happy family only may assist  a man to overcome his addiction to escorts.

We have seen enough men who had been addicted to escorts and over come the addiction with the intervention of his close family and escorting is a costly hobby to be pursued only by the affordable connoisseurs.

 A man can lust a women once in a way and once he sees the craving for women is increasing he needs to understand the thin line that borders the word addiction and desiring.

Seeking an escort needs to be a controlled affair by any men and no emotions can play to justify a man prowling for women.


 We Independent escorts in Bangalore stay on Guard against any men prowling his lust against innocent women and we quiche the lust of the satyriasis of man and we are called as bitches in the society!!

Publicerat klockan 17:31, den 16 augusti 2016
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