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Independent escorts in Bangalore



We   Independent Escorts in Bangalore prefer to be called as exotic girls rather than as an escort and the word exotic is more oriental  in nature and we prefer being called as exotic girls in Bangalore rather than the typical escorts.

We are Women selling our self for the sake of a living and we are called in different names and now with the European culture invading Indian sub Continent and adversely affecting our life style in every possible way and with the advent and onset of Internet culture we have now have a new name as an escort previously we were called as



 Call Girls


 We cater to the craving men whose mind is yearning and lusting and we Independent escorts in Bangalore live with a bond of no security with many men of our Choice and his choice!!

 An Indian lady in an European society is perceived to be an exotic lady since she is different from the majority and we Independent Escorts in Bangalore prefer to be branded as exotic girls in Bangalore.

We Independent Escorts in Bangalore live as a team and we share our empiricism and we are to understand and debate a  lot with our team mates about the sexual desire or arousal  with us escorts and for that matter  orgasm in an   Independent Escorts in Bangalore is a challenge and with more suppression of the female sexuality by the society and  when a women's right to express her sexuality is being traditionally denied we pursue a profession where we focus on gratifying a man's lust nevertheless, the gibbous and unsymmetrical gender binary of females still  remain perpetual in this avant-garde world and we women still are revolting against the conventional thoughts on women.

We   Independent Escorts in Bangalore are doing a patrician role of an escort subduing the lust of satyriasis of men and we get very fewer clients who understand our needs as a women and a man who may understand us an human being gets treated like a king whereas most of them exert us as masturbation tools to dislodge away  his lust.

We Independent Escorts in Bangalore crave for intimate sex with our clients and mostly it is just mediocre and humdrum sex and most men are similarly same with a women and we are alike to any man with similar needs and are forced to effectuate and consummate an act that is mostly dramatically in nature and believe me this is the truth.

 We Independent Escorts in Bangalore prefer a client who is considerate and lavish with us and the one who may show case the best of altruism and benevolence to us and we are in fact assisting a man to the best of our self and we Independent Escorts in Bangalore had in our experience seen some of the best debonair and connoisseurs of human beings in our career as an escort in Bangalore.


We are pursuing a career as an escort where we are meeting men from all levels who seek us not for sex alone but to have an intimacy and a acquaintance with a hired person and we get fired once the need for affinity expires and the gentle man seeks another escort to quench his thirst and we dragnet and prowl for our next man in the line of order!!

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